Susquehanna County Historical Society

Susquehanna County Historical Society
18 Monument Square
Montrose, PA 18801
(570) 278-1622

We are here to preserve Susquehanna County’s History, and to allow the public to learn their heritage here. We have a Museum that is FREE to the Public! There is also a Genealogy Research Department that can be used for just $10.00 a day by non-members (free to members). We also provide ways for research to be done if you can’t come in, just check out our Research Page for more details. If you want to be a member you can pay the annual $30.00 membership fee, and that gives you access on any regular business day to look through the materials for free and you will receive a copy of our Annual Journal. (Members still have to pay for any print outs and copies made while researching).

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