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Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center, Inc.

Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center, Inc.

A non profit, tax exempt organization whose intended purpose is to encourage and serve a person’s inner motivation towards wholeness, wellness, and health through body/mind/soul/spirit integration.
The Center operates from a beautiful restored home and landscaped grounds where it provides the ideal setting for healing, self-discovery and personal spiritual growth. Our labyrinth walk is a focus point for community gathering and personal reflection.

26 Lake Avenue, Montrose, PA 18801
True Friends Animal Welfare Center

True Friends Animal Welfare Center

Our committed purpose is to bring together a united community to protect the lives of our homeless animals. It is our pursuit to place as many of our animal friends into the compassionate home they undeniably deserve.”
True Friends Animal Welfare Center is a 501c3 non-profit, no-kill shelter serving as a safe refuge for animals in need.

(570) 278-1228
16332 PA-706, Montrose, PA 18801
Peoples Security Bank

Peoples Security Bank

Wealth Management means providing a client with financial confidence and knowing they’re prepared for not only today, but tomorrow as well. The Peoples Security Wealth Management Group has customized financial strategies aligned with your unique needs.

570-879-2175 or 888-868-3858
82 Franklin Avenue, Hallstead, PA 18822
Alpacas of Sunshine Farm, Fiber & Clothing Store

Alpacas of Sunshine Farm, Fiber & Clothing Store

At the farm, you can visit with the Alpacas and Shop at our farm clothing store.  We offer a variety of alpaca products for sale: raw fleeces, yarn, rovings, gloves, hats, scarves, capes, vests, socks and a wide variety of gorgeous Alpaca Sweaters!

(570) 465-3360
2312 E Lake Rd, New Milford, PA 18834
United Way of Susquehanna County

United Way of Susquehanna County

Our mission is to mobilize human and financial resources for improving the quality of life for Susquehanna County residents by linking partnering agencies, donors and volunteers.

(570) 465-3868
693 Main St, New Milford, PA 18834